How Long has River Park Flooring been in business?

 We opened for business Dec. 3rd, 2007.  When River Park Flooring opened, there were 3 partners that started the business.  All these years later, River Park Flooring has 1 owner and some of the nicest staff you could ever work with. 


What types of products does River Park Flooring Sell?

 We sell all types of flooring.

Carpet, Vinyl, Tile, Vinyl Tile/Plank, Laminate, Hardwood, Rubber Floor, Turf.  If we don't have it, we can likely find it.

We stock a variety of products in-house as well.

Can I just purchase the product, or do I have to have it installed by River Park Flooring?

You are more than welcome to just purchase the product and install it yourself.  Keep in mind that manufacturers do not pay for labour if you do your own installation and there happens to be a warranty claim.

I found a cheaper price somewhere else, will River Park Flooring match the price?

We can certainly look at matching the price. 

1.  We would need a copy of your quote from the other store showing the pricing.

2.  If this is a product the other store has in-stock and we don't, we may not be able to match the price, but we won't give up without trying.

Will River Park Flooring help me with color/design choices?

With the combined years of experience our staff have, and the help of our in-house design consultant, we will absolutely help you with color/design choices.  It can be a daunting task to make a choice with the amount of different products and colors that are out there, so we want to make choosing as simple and painless as possible.

How do I know what product is best for where I'm putting it?

That's what we're here for.  We will ask you questions about where you want to put the product to help in the decision.  We want to make sure you put the right product in the right place, but hey, even if you still want to put carpet in your bathroom or kitchen (which we don't recommend), then let's find you the best carpet for those applications.

Do you offer contractor/designer pricing?

We get asked this question quite often.  The answer is that we offer volume discounts to everyone.  If you have a large enough order, we may be eligible for better pricing from our supplier (i.e. a whole skid of plank/tile, or an entire roll of carpet).  If you shop at our store on a regular basis, then you may be eligible for volume discounts as well (we will commit to volume pricing if you're willing to commit to volume). 

I would like to get an estimate on new flooring, does River Park Flooring offer free estimates?

We do offer free estimates, however, we do ask that you come down to the store for product selection prior to someone coming out to take measurements and prepare an estimate.

I purchased the product and I am having trouble installing it, will River Park Flooring help me?

There is only so much advice we can give when it comes to installing the product, however, we do offer installation services, so if you find it's something you are struggling with, please contact us, and we may be able to provide you with these services, or we can occasionally help you find an installer that you may be able work with directly.

If you didn't find a question listed that you really want to ask us, feel free to email or call 204-253-7772 or even better, come on down to River Park Flooring, 1669 St. Mary's Rd.